XmodGames – Download Xmod Apk For Android & iOS [ Hack Games With Mod ]

With the advent of the Smartphones, gaming came from the PC to the mobile. Slowly the graphics cards in the mobile improved, developed, making it possible to play high-end games having great graphics and gameplay in them. These games became quickly popular around the world. Some like, Clash Royale, Minecraft, Pokemon Go etc became a rage. On the PC, there was already much software available to assist or hack the games. But such tools were lacking on the mobile platform before.

Let see, how you could make use of game hacking apps like Xmodgames apk on your Android to hack games like Clash of Clans, Shadow fighter, and others. download Xmod APK for Android.

XmodGames Apk Download For Android & iOS 2018 – Xmod APK

What is XmodGames?

Xmod Apk

Then the XmodGames apk was developed. It quickly became so popular that the number of downloads of xmodgames app surpassed the downloads of so many games themselves. It is a mobile game hacking software. And on their official website, www.xmodgames.com, they describe it as a super mobile game assistant tool. Well, both are true. A majority of the games which xmod app can hack/assist are online games, like Clash of Clans (COC) etc. Since Xmod apk requires the user to have administrative access to the OS, it is not available in the Play Store. Xmod apk can be used, both on the Android OS and iOS. But, the Android OS needs to be rooted and the iOS needs to be Jailbreaked. It is the easiest and best hacking tool available for the mobile OS. There are many similar working game hacking apps out there like freedom app, CreeHack, Cheat engine for Android, Game hacker, game killer, & Lucky Patcher.


Features of Xmodgames Apk (Xmod APK)

  • Xmodgames apk is used to hack the various games from the game developers. It is used to provide different mods in games like the GTA series etc.
  • In some games, it increases the capacity of certain elements like lifelines, coins, keys etc. Thus, you can fulfill your gaming goals and surpass opponents too, which you found difficult otherwise.
  • It also acts as an accelerator and helps in enhancing the graphics and the efficiency of the game.
  • There is also a forum available in the app, where users can interact anonymously.
  • It also has a screen recording and a snapshot feature. Useful to share on YouTube, blog etc. These can also be shared directly on the xmod forums.
  • The app is regularly updated by its developers, to stay with the latest and updated versions of the games.
  • One USP of Xmodgames apk is that it has some automated plugins or scripts because of which some games play automatically without you needing to do anything. It is hardly provided by any other such modding app.


How to install and use of Xmod Apk on Android?

Xmodgames APK
Xmodgames APK

Install Xmodgames lite Apk On Android devices

  • First thing, you need to root your Android device. There are many rooting apps available freely for that. Some of the recommended are, Framaroot, Z4root, KingRoot etc.
  • Install the rooting app, then open it and root your mobile; the process is easy and quick.
  • See to it that the ‘Unknown Sources’ column has been enabled in the Security Settings of the mobile.


Now, for the Xmodgames app:

  1. Download XmodGames apk for Android from the official website or visit xmodgamesdl.com. The latest version is 2.3.5. Install it.
  2. After installing the Xmodgames app, give the root permissions to it. It will start searching for available games to hack or mod, and a list of them will be created in the app’s dashboard.
  3. Now you click on the mods tab in the app and see the available mods for the games already present on the mobile. You will get every detail about the mod, and then download it after checking everything.
  4. After downloading the mod, launch the app and click on the icon, you will see a transparent UI with many features along with the forums.
  5. Another way of using the mods is to launch a game you have, and if it has Xmodgames support, then a small head like icon will hover on the app, just click on it and install the mods.


Get Xmodgames For iOS devices

  • Here too, first you need to jailbreak the device. You need to have the latest version of iTunes installed with a full backup of it as well as the whole device.
  • Switch your device to Airplane mode; disable passcode and the ‘find my phone’ functions in the system settings.
  • One of the best app to do jailbreaking for the iOS is Pangu. Download Pangu9 from their official site, en.pangu.io
  • Open Pangu and connect the PC to the device, and close iTunes.
  • Click on the start button when Pangu9 detects your device.
  • Choose ‘Already backup’, and then follow more instructions. Then the device will restart at some point and Pangu9 is installed.
  • Deactivate Airplane mode. Then after unlocking the device, allow Pangu to access the photo library.
  • The Device will reboot again. Now disable the Airplane mode and run the Cydia app.
  • Wait for Cydia to prepare the file system. Thus, your iOS device is Jailbreaked.

The next steps are for the Xmod apk; these are same for the iOS as the above 1-5 steps given for the Android OS. Go through them. There are many games supported by the Xmodgames apk. Their official website has listed all of them separately for the Android and iOS platforms. For e.g. in the Pokemon Go app, the mod can simulate the GPS position, so you can travel to any place in the world within seconds to catch the Pokemon.

The Pros and Cons of Xmodgames apk

  • You can enjoy all game levels and skip the hard, unwanted in between.
  • The gameplay, graphics, quality are enhanced considerably with the help of this Xmodgames app.
  • The forum is a great way for similarly minded gamers to connect and share their views.
  • Recording the gameplay enables the easy methods, hacks, achievements to be demonstrated.
  • But, fair play for every player is lost while xmodgames apk is in use.
  • Some games may ban your account if they catch you using xmod apk, as it is illegal for them.

If you need to hack Android games then you can download Crisis Action Mod APK to get unlimited FPS diamonds, coins and honor. Or Download Shadow fight 2 Mod Apk for Android to get unlimited money, gems and all weapons.

Concluding Xmod,

Although the usage of Xmodgames apk is not advised in the terms and conditions of some games, still so many people use xmod games apk. Xmod Apk is a solid, harmless, safe app to play games as you want, and win everything in them with a shortcut. It works very well in the devices.